Wednesday, April 24, 2013

yoga wednesday!

I was thankful that I had scheduled for today to be a yoga day. After yesterday's run my calves were super tight and uncomfortable. And it was difficult (mentally) to get out of bed this morning. Once I did, I looked outside and it was like this:

Gotta love the east coast! Needless to say I was very happy to stay put and work out inside. I ended up finding this yoga video on youtube. The 50 min class is lead by Tara Stiles. I chose it because of the appearance (I don't usually trust workout videos from someone done in their living room). I also did a quick viewing of it last night and I was familiar with most of the poses. 

I had to cut the class a little short because, as I said, it was tough to get out of bed so I was a bit behind schedule. I ended up not doing a few split downward dogs but I still felt like I got a good stretch and a good workout in. My only complaint about this video is that Tara says the phrase "awesome guys" A LOT. Like, as a method of encouraging the girls in the video. I probably wouldn't have noticed if I was in a class with her, but in a recording it was VERY obvious.

While looking for a yoga video last night I was surprised at how many exercise videos there are on youtube. It's insane! I will definitely be checking out more in the future and posting some here. Do you use youtube videos as a way to work out at home? What are some of your favorites?

Afterwards I made an awesome breakfast that consisted of red potatoes, smoked salmon, two eggs and some greens. I used Jen's method (from peanut butter runner) of creating the perfect eggs  and they were EGGMAZING! Excited to try it again.

Looking forward to a 5km run tomorrow. Hoping to include some hills in my run to work on those leg muscles!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that video! I lead a wednesday lunchtime yoga group at my work (and by lead, I mean that I find videos on iTunes and hookup my computer), but I'm always looking for some new routines.

    Definitely will have to check this out!