Monday, April 29, 2013


SO I have the stupidest injury ever. I don't even think it's related to exercising. I believe I have something called a Bursitis on my elbow (self diagnosis, thanks google). Basically it's an inflammation of my elbow. Originally I thought that I had somehow hurt my elbow yesterday during Body Pump but everything I did felt fine. Upon further investigation it seems like they sometimes call it 'student's elbow' as students get it from leaning on desks. I am in a cubicle at a desk at my job, and I definitely lean on my elbows all the time! This has resulted in my elbow being swollen, red and painful. I'm doing RICE (rest ice compression elevation) today in hopes that it will go down.

I managed to make it to Zumba tonight but it was difficult to get into it as I couldn't move my arm as much as I'd like. I should be able to run without any issues but it's just a PAIN (literally!). I'm thinking that I will need to change my schedule that I had outlined before. I really don't feel as if I'm running enough. That being said, in addition to my elbow injury I'm also feeling like I'm on the cusp of getting sick. So I think I will take tomorrow off to rest (unless I wake up feeling better) and then run 10km on Wednesday.

Hope everyone's training is going well! 10 days until my graduation ceremony in Maine and 17 days until I run 10km in the Bluenose!

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  1. I hope your elbow is better soon. No advice on that front. However, I DID get sick the week before the 10k I did, and I didn't run for a week and a half before the race! And I made it. Fingers crossed for good heath!