Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a tragedy

I am overcome with sadness at the news that has come out of Boston. To think that an event that is usually so filled with joy and happiness has now been forever soiled by such a horrific act. I can't even begin to fathom why or how someone can do something so heartless and cruel.

Of course, out of tragedy comes beautiful stories of people coming together and helping each other in such horrible times. It is always inspiring to hear strangers helping strangers and that there is still compassion among most of us.

Try to keep Boston and all of the people affected in your head and in your hearts as you run this week.



  1. Hopefully the Boston Marathon will keep going strong. Although I'm only a 10k runner right now, I'm beginning to think about someday running in Boston... because of all this. We have to take it back and make it "ours" again!

  2. I agree! I ran the day after and felt so lucky to be able to go outside and run!