Wednesday, November 28, 2012

two weeks!

I love kettlebell. I go to a class every Wednesday at the UMaine gym. The instructor always provides a dynamic workout that is always different. She incorporates different equipment such as a step and a bosu ball to keep things interesting. Today's workout was shoulder heavy and I'm feeling it already! Gotta love that. We also did a move called a suitcase squat:

[Are her knees going over her toes? Hard to tell from the angle. Remember to always have good form!!]
We had two kettlebells of different weights. Start with the weights beside you on the ground, squat down and pick up, stand up, squat down, set weights on the floor, stand up. That is one rep. We did 15 on each side, and then switched the weights to make sure we were even. These definitely got my quads burning.

While I was home I ran twice. Not what I was hoping for, but better than nothing! It also felt easier than I anticipated, yay!!

AND in TWO WEEKS I will be finished my graduate program!! This means I will be moving back to Canada. Directly following the end of my program I'll be going to my parents home for a bit of a vacation. I'm a little worried that since I won't have a fixed schedule or gym membership that I might lose track of working out... especially with all the fun Christmas specials on tv and the delicious treats to eat! So I am planning on setting a December workout goal for myself. I was thinking maybe a mileage goal, but I don't want my strength training to be put on the back burner. Any suggestions?

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