Friday, December 14, 2012

99 red balloons

I finished up my final training session. I improved all the challenges we did! We competed in one challenge every week for the first 6 weeks, then we repeated the challenges to see if we improve. The challenges were:

- wall sit for time
- elbow plank for time
- number of push-ups
- 1.5 mile on a stationary bike at level 10
- # of burpees in a minute
- 1 mile run

So today we did the mile run. My original time was 8 minutes, 31 seconds. And today I ran it in 8:08. I'm really happy with this! Especially since I haven't been doing a lot of running recently. I was scared that I would not improve at all. I participated in this program from January-May of this year also. My original mile time was 11 minutes. At that time I was surprised that I was even able to run the whole thing. I think my second mile time (in May) was around 8:30. It's awesome to know that I am still improving!

Today I also took part in a unique fitness class. My roommate Julie is the assistant fitness director at UMaine. In addition taking part in a lot of the behind the scenes things, she also teaches fitness classes. She is honestly the best instructor I have ever had! She is moving on to a new job in Philadelphia, so today she taught her last class. She incorporated using balloons in the class which was pretty interesting and fun... and a lot harder than you'd think!

You can see me down in my squat! Somehow off time from the rest of the class?

The whole crew after the class. I'm in the pink tank top in the front row. Julie has on the white tank top in the very front. It was a great class and I wish all the best to her!

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