Wednesday, January 2, 2013

happy new year!!

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season spent with family and friends. For New Years I went to a party at a friends place. It involved eating and dancing, which are two of my favorite things, so the night was definitely a success.

And today I signed up for the gym! It made me a little sad because every gym will now be compared to the UMaine Campus Recreation Center... and most gyms come up a little short. That being said, I have signed up at GoodLife Fitness for the year. There are a ton of these gyms in my area, which is great because I can usually find at least one fitness class occurring at a time that fits my (currently non-existent) schedule.  I'm happy that they offer Les Mills classes which include step, body pump, and something similar to kickboxing. The major flaw that I've noticed is that they don't offer a kettlebell class (well, they do, but you have to pay an extra $300 for 3 months... no thanks). I'll keep you updated on how I'm adjusting to the new gym.

With the new year comes the new years resolutions. I really haven't thought about it too much. Last year I believe mine was that I would continue to stay active throughout the year. I really think I achieved that goal. I'm wondering if I should set something more specific, or stay with something vague.

That being said, my sister Nikki wanted to set a specific goal for the month of January. I like the idea of something more short term, rather than thinking of the LOOONG year ahead. Her goal is to run 10km at least once a week and do these arm exercises 3x/week. My month long goal is to log my eating on every day, run 10km at least once a week, and do the famous 8 minute ab video 3x a week.

What are your new years resolutions? Did you meet yours from last year?


  1. Hi! I'm a somewhat newbie runner from Halifax now living in PEI. I'm looking to register for some races this year (5-10k). Any suggestions? I'd love to do the maritime race weekend ones, as well as the Blue Nose. I'm totally in it for the medals (well, not totally, but I LOVE getting the medals)... I'm good for pretty much anything in NS, NB or PEI.

    1. Hello there! The Blue Nose was definitely one of my favs last year. Although I felt pretty horrible after finishing the race (got over heated I think), I loved the energy and the amount of people! I believe the Maritime Race Weekend is filling up quickly! If you had to choose one of their events, I'd suggest the evening run. It was beautiful weather last year, perfect running temperature, and it was gorgeous to run facing the sunset. I am signing up for this race: very soon, so it's another one to check out. Thanks for reading!