Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4 years and recovery

Yesterday was a great day. My boyfriend Jamie and I celebrated our four year anniversary! We are proud to say that we survived our long distance relationship and are very happy to be living together again!

The celebration was fairly low-key. He surprised me with a dozen roses and chocolates. It was warm out, so we did the 10 minute walk to Ace Burger. It was my first experience there and it was fantastic! They serve only local food.

I had the lamb burger on herb foccacia with goat cheese (top). Jamie had the deluxe burger with back bacon and cheese on a kaiser. On the side we both had seriously the best fries I have ever tasted. And of course they were loaded with salt! (the best). The restaurant was very quiet and laid back which I really appreciated. I'm not always in the mood for a loud, noisy place so a Tuesday night was the best time to visit.

After our fantastic meal we did a crossword together, cuddled and watched a movie and ate some chocolates. Definitely a fantastic way to celebrate our four years together.

Although the meal was amazing, I woke up today feeling a bit sluggish. So I thought I would document how I recovered after some overeating the night before. Now, don't get me wrong... I do NOT regret what I ate!!! Even writing this post is difficult because I want to re-eat that meal right now. That being said, I find overeating is a slippery slope. Once I begin to eat junk food, I tend to throw my week out the window and give in to all of my cravings.

So to counteract this trend, I started off my day by drinking lots of this:

Good ole H20 to try to negate the salt I had last night, and to keep me refreshed. For breakfast I ate oatmeal with a cut up apple on top and some peanut butter. Definitely my favorite breakfast of the moment.

For lunch I had tofu with veggies topped with Thai sweet chili sauce. Seriously the easiest meal ever:

In order to get my exercise in I went on a 10km run with my sister Nikki and brother in law Ray. It was tough. I haven't been running as much as I'd like and I definitely felt it today. It was wonderful to get outside though and spend time Nikki and Ray. I was cold the entire run! I thought I would maybe get away with not buying thermal running pants this winter but today changed my mind! Brrr!!

The upside was that I got to try out my new lulu lemon hat:

featuring post run sweat!

If you're interested in this hat you can find it here. I got this hat for Christmas and it's very soft and comfortable. However as you can see from the picture it doesn't cover my ears! So a little disappointed about that.

And finally for the end of my recovery day I had a delicious smoothie. I forgot to take a picture of it because I was hungry and it just looked so good! I used the same recipe as I did for this Breakfast Smoothie I posted awhile ago, so you can check out a picture on that post.

Overall I think it was a successful recovery to a Tuesday-night indulgence and I can continue my week on track!


  1. A great story on your day

  2. I want that burger (& fries)! Wasn't it this fall when you had lamb for the first time? N.

  3. WOW!! Let me just say that from where I come from- 35+ years of marriage-a dozen roses AND chocolates AND dinner out is most definetly NOT low key!

    lol,,that being said, I admire you for getting back on track so quickly food and exercise wise! I too find it so easy, once I veer off track, to continue with the food slurge. Not sure I could get out and exercise though so Good for you!
    BTW-sorry the hat doesn't cover your ears! xo