Monday, October 15, 2012


I mentioned a little while ago that I signed up for a program at the UMaine gym called 'Big Bears to Little Bears' (I HATE that name by the way). It consists of you being set up in a team, and meeting together with a trainer twice a week. There are challenges and you can gain points to compete against the other teams. You can earn points by going to training sessions (duh), fitness classes, submitting a diet log and healthy recipes, weight loss, and your improvement on the challenges. Challenges include things like holding a wall sit for time, holding plank, doing push ups, and running a mile. I participated in the program during the January semester and had great results.

This semester I signed up with my friends Kate and Jess who are in my grad program. So now, my weeks generally look like this:

Monday - training
Tuesday - run
Wednesday - fitness class, usually kettlebell
Thursday - training
Friday - fitness class, usually kickboxing (or off depending on my schedule)
Saturday - fitness class (or off depending on my schedule)
Sunday - fitness class

SO as you can see there isn't much time for running! I have been feeling a lot more balanced since starting this program. Prior to this program I felt weak and I had lost most of the strength I had gained during the winter semester's training program. Even just four weeks into this program I feel more well-rounded and that I am focusing on all areas of fitness.

That being said, I don't want to lose all of the mileage I have worked so hard to gain! How do you balance running and 'other' fitness?

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