Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sometimes you need to dig deep for motivation.

Recently I made a motivation wall to remind me what I'm working for:

My motivation wall includes a picture of my sister Nikki and my boyfriend Jamie after a race we did a few years ago, my medals and race bibs, a note from Jamie wishing me luck before a race and the fitness class schedule at the gym. And since I haven't shown them off yet, here is a close up of the medals from the Maritime Race Weekend:

 The one on the left is for the 10k, the right one for the 5km. And this giant mother for running the two races back to back:

And for some more motivation I have a picture submitted by my dad. He has been running for a few years and was definitely an inspiration for me to start (and stick to it!). He began by running on the treadmill and then moved his runs to outside. Recently he met an amazing milestone:

He achieved 1000kms!!! Not to mention using a completely smashed iPod. His iPod has been like this for at least 6 months, but he persevered and continued to run and use it regardless. Way to go dad!!

I'm excited to be running the 10km in the Harvest Valley run with my dad in 10 days. 

 I also signed up for a 5km race this weekend in support of Multiple Sclerosis Research. I signed up because all the cool kids were doing it (aka girls in my grad school program). Our team is called Each Step Counts and if you would like to donate to a very deserving cause please visit this website.

What do you use as motivation?

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  1. Great idea re: Motivation board!

    I would say you are pretty motivated!
    You ( and your Dad) both ran 5 kms this past weekend! And in the rain!

    Big Congrats!
    Looking forward to your run this weekend. I will be cheering loudly!