Sunday, June 23, 2013

planning (and running) ahead

It's been a little while since my last post and I have two exciting races to share with you!

I have signed up for the Epic Canadian 5km run next weekend in Dartmouth, NS. The race takes place around Lake Banook which is beautiful! There is a nice path around most of the lake and I've always wanted to run along it! There is a 10k option; however it's the loop twice. BORING! I hate doing the same loop again, so I opted for the 5k. I'm running it along with my sister Nikki, and her husband is running the 10k. The race starts at 8am which is fairly early, but I feel it's necessary at this time of the year. This morning it was sunny and hot by 10am, so it's nice to finish early in the day. They have contests for people wearing Canadian themed costumes. Not sure if I'll dress up but I'll definitely add some Canadian flare to my outfit!

The other race I've signed up for recently is the Run or Dye color run on Sept. 28th. I've seen pictures of other runners taking part in a color run and I'm super excited to check it out! It's a 5km run that isn't timed, and takes place at Ski Martock. Although I usually like to monitor my times and progress, it will be a nice change to relax and take in the event. A few of my friends have signed up so it should be a fun time!

I learned about another 5k taking place on Sept. 28th called Zombie Trail Run AND it sounds awesome! You are given three "health" flags at the beginning of the race which you wear on a belt. As you run there are different areas where zombies and creatures will try to 'attack' you and steal your flags. On the website it says that most of the them are slow moving but some are quicker or will just stand in your way to make you go around them. There are also a few obstacles on the course like a hay maze or tire ladder to step through.

I was hoping I'd be able to participate in both runs as Run or Dye  is at 9am and the Zombie Trail Run is at 11am but I think they are too far away from each other to comfortably do both. Too bad!

Would you choose a color run or a zombie run?!

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  1. Both 5km runs sound fun but I think the Zoombie run would be the most challenging. Too mad it isn't later on-like closer to Hallowe'en!
    Good luck!